Mandala Art and the circle of life

Mandala Art and the circle of life

Mandala decor

Mandala Art

So for those who are not familiar with the term Mandala, which represents the circular in Sanskrit. Most importantly it shares a close connection with Hinduism and Buddhist religion, this is an art form practiced widely throughout the world.

For instance, a mandala consists of a single dot in the center which represents the origin of universe. In other words, this central dot represents the circle which represent the origin of universes. This circular nature of a radiating pattern works as an artistic imagination of a perfect universe, that is to say, the circle of life.

Mandala tapestry Boho

Mandala tapestry Bohemian

For instance, in many art patterns, the eight spokes represent the Eightfold Path of enlightenment, which according to Buddhism leads to liberation and rebirth.


Therefore, investing oneself in designing and creating mandala art shapes and patterns can be a great mental exercise. It’s Handmade on premium cotton fabric which instantly adds an ethnic feel to your room. Most painters use a knife for scraping the painting to create an even surface.

Consequently, the canvas is then dusted with a small ball of parched grain flour dough for a matte finish.

Its a must have for all occasions. You can spend an entire afternoon gazing at this tapestry, looking for answers to all the questions. Read More

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