Dream Cacher Multicolor Wall Hanging Cotton Poster Tapestry (54×84)Inches By Kalakyari


  • Material: Cotton
  • Pattern: Dream Cacher
  • Handcrafted
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Width x Length: 54×84 Inches

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Add an ethnic feel to your room with this cotton handmade wall hanging. Go for a dramatic makeover of your wall and this tapestry would become a conversational piece of art. A must have in any season for all ethnic savvy ones. This is a rare beauty not to be missed, a genuine collector’s item & the result of masterly workmanship. This Tapestries are completely screen printed in traditional Indian method and takes combination of skill set, patience & lot of time to complete. 100% Cotton. This tapestries are printed, not quilted or woven. They are hippie Indian tapestries. Thin as sheet. Good, tight power loom construction. Hemmed edges. Corners have a small fabric loop attached


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