Sustainability Policy

Throughout the World, India is best known to live with nature where human and nature
blend in the wild. Almost three fourth of Indians live in Villages and remote locations
where the impact of 21st century manufacturing technology is hard to find. When we
seek to bring the tribal and remote art of India to the fore, it makes it understandable
that we do not believe in factory manufacturing which exploits rather than utilize natural
resources leaving behind trails of ash, particulate matters and diseases.

Kalakyari, works with the rural craftsmen of India to understand their age-old machine
free process of carving out wonder from locally available materials. Such
environmentally stable processes of making products has helped human generations to
sustain every century.

It’s obvious to say that our actions today must be taken into account so that future
generations can also satisfy their needs. At kalakyari, we understand that economic,
social and ecological processes are interconnected. The founding principle of KalaKyari

(Est 2020) was and is, to support and work with artisans throughout India with a
particular focus on handmade traditional techniques and to consider our impact on the
environment. We choose to work with natural and recycled materials like Fuller’s earth,
gum, natural dye, clay, hand blocks and recycled water.

With a vision to enable a change from insecurity to empowerment, kalakyari supports
marginalised small producers, whether these are independent artisans or grouped in
associations or co-operatives.